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Fuse provides users with a simple, personalized, end-to-end credit union lending system.

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Automated solutions for Credit Unions

Modernized workflow to dissolve inefficient legacy software

Meet the next generation of smarter, simpler loan origination systems for credit unions.

Simplified self-service rules with minimal coding

Forego laborious tech training and make quick decisions with a few clicks.

Streamlined loan origination process

Reduce a procedure with dozens of steps to a single platform experience that knows your business personally.

Over 100+ API integrations to scale your business

Enjoy endless customization of our credit union software, addressing the unique elements of your business.

Our Loan Origination System for Credit Unions scales your business

Improved decision-making with automation to reduce human error

Save time and resources otherwise spent on fixing small mistakes or searching for lost information.

Streamlined communication between partners

Set up automatic feedback and responses to potential clients, improving business relationships.

Increased revenue and loans closed faster

Increase efficiency each step of the way, from quickly choosing the best partners to rapidly closing a deal.

Manage all tasks in one platform


Our smart credit union software systems allow the establishment of highly specific eligibility requirements.


Customers’ initial data is analyzed by our software, letting your employees focus on smaller, pre-contextualized sets of information.


We ensure automated accuracy, saving you the labor of performing extensive outside research on partners.


Make informed decisions with data that’s certifiably free of human error.


Our software provides a cost-benefit analysis of potential deals informed by the custom standards your business has set.

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