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Trusted by leading auto lenders in the US

Trusted by the leading companies in lending


Embed the widget or use our API in the background

1. Connect to all liabilities at once

Identify your user with only their phone number (or your preferred PII method). Fuse verifies their identity with our included KYC.

2. Retrieve full liabilities data

Fuse connects to all student loan, credit card, auto loan, and mortgage providers out there. Fuse's API connections don't break and the users never have to re-authenticate.

3. Pay any of the liabilities, either in part or in full

Send payments to all types of debt including credit cards, student loans, auto loans and more at 15,000+ financial institutions.

Advanced Tools to Streamline Auto Loan Servicing

Drive Faster Results With Fuse’s Auto Loan Origination System


Why leading companies rely on Fuse

Largest coverage

Instant debt quoting and repayment with 15,000+ merchants.

Launch in days

Our developer-fist platform and live-chat support make integrations a breeze.

Flexible solution

Both our widget and API can be customized to multiple industries and use cases.

Top level compliance

Fuse is SOC 2 Type 1 and we follow cutting edge security and policy standards.


Fuse powers a myriad of use cases

Unsecured loan refinancing
Credit card balance transfers
Auto loan refinancing
Paycheck Autopay®
And much more
User debt monitoring

Retrieve all of your user's debts, access live payoff amounts and make disbursements directly to your users' debts using just their phone number. Decrease default risk and delight users with a one-click payoff experience.

Fuse is the first provider that enables companies to verify and pay users’ debt with just their phone number. Multiple verticals (from financial planning apps to mortgage servicing) benefit from our services to increase revenue and reduce risk.

Retrieve all of your user's credit cards, access live balance amount and make electronic payoffs using just their phone number. We validate all information in real-time and handle the entire payment process.

Access live payoff amounts for 15,000+ merchants and make disbursements directly to pay off their former auto loans. Fuse handles routing of titles to your premises and/or ELTs.

Fuse’s embeddable solution allows you to enable direct contributions to employees' debt, including 127 pre-tax contributions. We validate all debt account information in real-time and handle the entire payment process.

Retrieve all of your user's debts using just their phone number. Receive updates on the latest changes to debt items including any new items - no re-authentication needed, ever.

Who We Serve...

Fuse’s auto loan origination system is designed for those who refuse to settle. Becoming the top financial institution with our loan origination system that focuses on solutions and optimizations to streamline your workflows.

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