Consumer loan software: automated solutions for maximum efficiency

Simplify your workflow and maximize revenue with Fuse’s consumer lending system.

Trusted by the leading companies in lending

Out-perform competitors with a customized Consumer lending solution

Scalability to grow your loan portfolio

Our software is designed to expand alongside your team, business, and client base.

Improved business efficiency and reduced risk of human error

Save time and money that would otherwise go to correcting errors and retrieving lost information.

Over 100+ applications to integrate for ultimate flexibility

Choose a platform that adapts to your business with custom-crafted coding solutions.

Consumer lending software applications

For Personal Loans

Reduce time wasted on manually vetting ineligible or highly qualified applicants.

For Peer-to-Peer Lending

Take advantage of a system that requires minimal coding knowledge and supports businesses of any size.

For Credit Cards

Improve and accelerate credit decisioning with consumer lending solutions that work smarter.

For Leasing

Our fast-moving platform allows you to process and integrate any number of partners without a hitch.

For Auto Loans

Increase efficiency and customer satisfaction with automatic responses to dealers.

Student Loans

Efficiently manage student loan applications with automated verification and seamless integration.

Who we serve

Fuse’s origination system is designed for those who refuse to settle. Becoming the top financial institution with our loan origination system that focuses on solutions and optimizations to streamline your workflows.

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